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About Globina

Globina is a producer and DJ from Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. She decided to go for her dream, ironicly the same day she graduated as a pharmacist. To celebrate graduation, she went to a DJ concert. This was her ‘wake-up call’. At that moment she understood what she has missed all her life, she always wanted to be a DJ and a Music Producer.
Since she was 11 years old she been playing the violin, composing music, writing lyrics, singing and she has been in a band. She enjoyed to play melodies from composers like Ennio Morricone, James Horner and Hans Zimmerman. She had one of Swedens best Violinist, Hanna Tibell as a teacher. At the same time she listened frequently to electronic music and loved to mix tracks with each others using cassettes and a tape recorder, but felt it was important to get an education and earn a degree.
“But it’s so ironic and paradox that the same day she graduated she met one of the world’s best DJ her whole life”. She googled him and found out that he studied law at the university. She was not the only one with a similar story. She decided to start producing again, this time using music programs fl studio and logic, to create House tracks. She already got good feedback for her tracks from many international producers and more is about to come.

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